L Architects awarded in Metsä Wood's international Plan B "City above the city” architectural competition

Urbanization is one of the biggest challenges in the coming decades. Already, about half of the world's population lives in urban areas and by 2050 this figure will be two-thirds. Cities are running out of space and need for new ideas and solutions for sustainable urban development are needed.

Studies have shown that about 25 % of buildings are strong enough to withstand additional construction on top of them. Could the roof tops of today be plots for the future?

L Architects' proposal "Plug-In" introduces a concept that responses to this challenge. Future housing is something other than what we know today. Therefore, the structural solutions have to be adaptable. The conceptual idea of an adaptable housing units combined with standardized wooden structures are the solution to building a city above the city.

Metsä Wood - Plan B competition