14-10-15 Architectural Design Competition

3rd Prize in Haven Kakumäe Competition

Aerial view of competition proposal

Haven Kakumäe Ltd. arranged an international invitational competition to develop Kakumäe district's marina in Tallinn. The competition sought to find a solution that would merge the diverse services of the marina and the existing structures and create a natural and attractive area.

L Architects were awarded with the third price with its proposal "Antikythera". The competition entry got its name from an ancient clock mechanism found in the outskirts of a Greek seaport. The device was used to predict the movement of astronomical objects.

In our proposal residential and service buildings surround the marina and therefore create a safe haven. The seaside boulevard and the track surrounding the seaport are creating pedestrian-friendly urban space in the new heart of Kakumäe. Antikythera introduces a new way of living next to the waterfront, this concept literally brings boating to your front door.