3-5-16 Retail and Shopping Centers, Urban Planning

Winning proposal for urban hub development in Järvenpää city centre

Perhelä Urban Centre

L Architects together with Lujatalo win competition for urban hub development in Järvenpää

On 2 May 2016 the City of Järvenpää elected Lujatalo Oy to construct Perhelä Urban Centre, a new urban hub in the heart of Järvenpää. L Architects were responsible for the architectural planning of the winning proposal.

The planned complex combines a new type of central housing with services and comfort, and it is located right in the hearth of the city – in one of the central quarters, right next to the train station and in the end of one of the main pedestrian streets.

The core of the design is a walk-through block, easily recognized from all approachable directions, that creates a connection to the center of the city. Retail and office spaces are situated in two floors and a broad variety of approximately 400 rental and owner-occupied apartments are located above them. The buildings surrounding the block vary in height and they grow gradually higher. The towers of the building complex create a gate for the promenade and strengthen the identity of the pedestrian center. The new urban hub is planned to serve the wishes and needs of the Järvempää dwellers. The design of the complex emphasizes accessibility for all forms of movement: walking, cycling, public transport and use of cars. The projects ground floor will be open and cosy and the retail spaces will seamlessly become a part of the pedestrian zone. Events and pop-up activities can take place in the square-like courtyard during all seasons.

Of the new block approximately 10.300 sqm will be in commercial and 24.800 sqm in residential use. The complex in designed according to the principles of sustainable development, taking advantage of innovative energy efficiency solutions. The Perhelä Urban Centre therefore crowns the long-term development plan of Järvenpää downtown area.

– The location next to lake Tuusulanjärvi, the train connections together with great investments in the development of the city center makes Järvenpää indisputably the most interesting place in Central Uusimaa, states Olli Keto-Tokai, Director of Economic Affairs in Järvenpää.

– Implementation of the Perhelä block will be a significant project for Lujatalo Oy. The project follows Lujatalo's business strategy, which is to invest more in large development projects. The Perhelä complex is Lujatalo's biggest investment so far, with a prize of 130-160 M euros, says Heimo Hantula, Regional Director at Lujatalo.

– Lujatalo sees Järvenpää as an interesting center of growth in the future. Järvenpää is connected via the main rails to the job market in the metropolitan area, and the city being green and distinctive makes it an attractive residential city. I believe that Perhelä will become a success for both us and the city of Järvenpää, says Jari Kalma, Project leader at Lujatalo.

The planning of the Perhelä complex will start immediately and the construction is predicted to start in the fall of 2017. The opening ceremony of the business center is planned to take place in the end of 2019.