16-3-16 Urban planning

Purchase prize in Vartiosaari competition


The City of Helsinki wants to make Vartiosaari into an energy efficient and ecological district prototype, which respects the surrounding nature. The aim of the competition was to find a novel residential concept and the jury awarded L Architects' proposal with a purchase.

"When you start to feel the proximity of the city, it is like coming home"

Our proposal presents a dense and down-town-like district, adapted to the islands natural landscape. The small-town-like milieu creates a safe and cozy environment. The core of the proposal is the interaction between people and the sense of community: the space between the buildings is for everyone, regardless of the means of transport. The shared space is brought to life by "activators": small functional places or spaces that bring people together. Common spaces and shared services are the heart of the residential buildings and the courtyards. The keynote for the project: Less distance – more common.