21-6-16 Urban planning

L Architects wins again – this time in Kokkola

Aerial view

Our proposal for a central area development in the city of Kokkola was awarded the first prize. The competition was a yet another successful collaboration with Lujatalo Oy.

The Kokkola city center is soon to be in the midst of change, as the Rautatientori square and bus station area are to be developed into an urban block of housing and commercial space of ca 34.000 sqm. Our aim was to create a city structure that completes and enhances the existing scale and structure of Kokkola center. The new block is contemporary and recognisable, yet respectful of the surroundings.

In our proposal, new buildings of varying heights encircle a spacious green courtyard, with the curved walls of the parking building in the middle. Shops and restaurants will be on the side of the pedestrian street and the small square, bringing life to the city center. A hotel is located in the corner of the square. Apartments will be above commercial level, with a residential tower of 12 floors in the corner facing the nearby park. Between the tower and hotel there will be the new Events Center of Kokkola.