20-4-16 Idea competition

1st prize in The New Vantaankoski idea competition!

Street view from lively, active and well-being urban space in the winning proposal Futurama.

SRV Group Plc, Sanoma Corporation and City of Vantaa wanted fresh new ideas for the development of a future business campus. Our proposal, Futurama, won the open idea and concept competition seeking solutions for the development of such a campus in Vantaankoski area.

We believe that people want to do things in new, better ways, they want to see possibilities and implement ideas. This must be given space, as opposed to regulating everything strictly. In our proposed business campus concept, there is always room for wonderful things to happen. Campus is built through co-creating and in an organic way, without predetermined land-use plans. Space is seen as a service, the value of buildings is created through use of the space. The whole campus is a platform for activity, and 1:1 laboratory for its residents.

In addition to L Architects team members, our multidisciplinary team consisted of futurist Elina Hiltunen, working life researcher Suvi Nenonen, and transportation planner Jouni Ikäheimo. They helped us to broaden our horizons and see all the possibilities of tomorrow!

More about the competition: The New Vantaankoski idea competition.