7-10-15 LEED certification

Estradi gets the prestigious LEED platinum

Estradi 1 achieved the highest scoring level in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) evaluation system, being only the 13th building in Finland to reach LEED Platinum. Both the design and the certification process were carried out by L Architects ltd.

Sustainability was tackled through extensive use of measures (such as diverted building site waste, locally sourced materials, water efficient landscaping, tenants design and construction guidelines, etc.) and devices (such as PV panels, Building Automation System, comprehensive metering, water efficient fixtures, etc.).

Moreover a strong focus was put on future tenants, in an effort to raise awareness and stimulate their involvement in sustainable building use. For example users are engaged through infografics, info screens in elevators, metering displays, environmental market events and specific communication about all the actions performed in the building.