L Architects launch the “GO” tool

L Architects' aim to add value to client's plans and foster sustainability has taken on big leap forward. We are launching today the Green Options (GO), a tool we developed to support projects in achieving the "greenest" possible result.

Through the GO Analysis, the project's green potential is mapped and concrete improvements are brought to the table. The first GO Analysis is conducted during the early concept development phase and culminates in the GO Report. Based on these outcomes, the client can make the decision on which options to implement and further investigate. Follow-up GO analyses are carried out and green solutions are implemented at every major stage of the project.

The GO tool evaluates the project against 20 different categories. Each category is measured on the scale: Weak - Average - Good - Excellent, or graphically from red to dark green. The aim is to bring the project as close as possible to 100% Excellent assessments (or 100% dark green hits).

The GO tool has already been used on several development projects and the goal is to use it in all L Architects´ design projects by 2020. LET'S GO!