Larkas & Laine is now L Architects!

As a forward-looking 20-year old, Larkas & Laine decided to freshen up a bit and even change the name. From now on, we will be known as L Architects. The new name is quite simply and conveniently shortened from the old one; we keep the best of the past, now ready for future adventures. Partners and their responsibilities are the same as before, only some new members were added to the management team.

This reforming process naturally made us consider our core values and what we believe in. We found this to be the most important: First and foremost, buildings and our whole built environment exists for us to live, work and play in. Buildings must be designed for use, and for people, not as monuments.

The urban environments and landscapes of our future are now being planned and built. It is a great joy and responsibility to be part of it.

Our awesome new visual identity was designed by Bond, creative agency focused on branding.

Welcome to visit our renewed website!