On 12th of November 2013, L Architects became the 561st member of NP Association of Design Engineers of St. Petersburg. NP (Non-Commercial Partnership) Association of Design Engineers SRO (Self- Regulatory Organization) is a non-profit and self-regulating organization, functioning under the Russian Federation's Municipal Planning Law 190-FZ and other federal laws pertaining to self-regulating organizations. The system of Self-Regulatory Organizations was established to replace the old licensing system. The gradual phasing-out of the previous system has been going on since 2009. The SRO members have an official designing permit throughout the Russian Federation area. More info here.

Being approved as an SRO member, our office has been granted a designing permit valid throughout the Russian Federation in its entirety as well as granting us equal standing with all of our local business partners.

Our presence in Russia as architects and designers has been steadily growing througout the years and we expect this growth to continue in the future as well. At this particular moment, we have several active projects in Russia: shopping malls in St. Petersburg, office buildings in Moscow and St. Petersburg and sport venues in Yaroslavl (in cooperation with our business partners AMFI Architects Ltd.). Our sustainability services are well established in Russia, too. At present, we have LEED certification processes in progress for three major projects.