Robert Trapp

CEO, partner
M. + 358 40 902 2613

Robert has more than 20 years of experience in managing large-scale projects, both in Finland and internationally. He has lead the design team of the Nokia NSN HQ as well as the brand new Skanska HQ in Finland. In addition to his duties as the CEO of L Architects, he also frequently travels abroad to give lectures of our BIM knowledge and to supervise our projects in Russia. Robert has been a partner since year 2000, and CEO from 2012. Before that, he held the position of executive director from 2007. He has extensive experience especially in the fields of office and hotel design. Before joining us in 1995, he briefly had his own architectural firm, and also spent some time in Austria designing banks and a jewellery store.

Niklas Sucksdorff

Chairman of the Board, partner
M. +358 40 902 2617

Since joining us in 1998, Niklas has designed apartments, offices and hotels. Lately he has also been involved in our projects in Russia, as well as developing the multipurpose stadium concept. His most recent works include the soon-to-be-built Marriott Hotel in Espoo, and several housing projects in the capital area. He was made partner in 2002, today he also serves as the chairman of the board of Amfi Architects, our partner firm focused on international projects. Niklas prefers sketching by hand to computer aided design, and unlike most architects, he never dresses in head-to-toe black.

Harri Koskinen

Executive Director, partner
M. +358 40 902 2615

Responsible for most of our retail projects, Harri has extensive knowledge of shopping centers and other large-scale retail buildings. At the moment he has five ongoing shopping center projects all over Finland. He has also been responsible of planning Kuninkaanportti (King's Gate), the new retail, educational and office district of Porvoo, a town 50 km from Helsinki. In his spare time he has also toyed with a career in acting, appearing briefly in a TV series as well as in a couple of theatrical films some years ago.

Harri Salminen

GSM. + 358 40 902 2616

Harri knows everything there is to know about BIM, building information model; how to make best use of it, how to integrate all design sectors. Originally, he was hired for two weeks to make a traditional scale model in 1997. Having finished the model he stayed on and was made partner 2007. Since those days he has organised, not surprisingly, our 3D-modeling methods and other systems. Like all dutifull fathers, he claims his main hobby is driving his boys around to their hobbies. Every now and then he runs a marathon, although not quite every year anymore.

Jari Lonka

M. +358 40 592 8960

In the recent years, Jari has achieved great success and several awards in architectural competitions in the field of urban planning, his area of responsibility in L Architects. Jari also finds time to teach the subject at Aalto University, and stepped up as a partner as of 2014. Before finding his calling in urban planning, he contributed to office and retail design and was known as a brilliant 3D-wizard with a penchant for lime green. His first teaching position was several years ago at Arkki, school of architecture for children. Today, some of those students are his students again at the university.

Mari Ille

Senior Architect
Architect SAFA
M. +358 40 9022 630

Mari has a long experience in managing demanding projects, all the way from the drawing desk up to the finished building. Mari has been focused especially on designing apartments and challenging restoration projects. Her projects range from different types of special-purpose residences to chic lofts and challenging hybrid projects. During her career, Mari has designed kindergartens and re-purposed protected historical buildings. Her work in USA even includes a rennovation of a Catholic cloister.

Anu Pahkala

Senior Architect
Architect SAFA
M. +358 40 9022 629

Anu has been managing, designing and implementing projects since the 90s. She likes variety in her projects, so her portfolio includes work from designing row houses to hotel towers. In between those, she has also designed office buildings, retail spaces and done urban planning. Alongside bringing brand new buildings to life, Anu has been interested in giving old buildings a new life – the oldest buildings she renovated were from the 19th century. During recent years, she’s been mainly concentrating on hotel and residential projects.